Biotherapeutic Drainage...using complex homeopathics called
Unda numbers to help the body to eliminate toxicity and restore
normal functioning to organ systems

Botanical Medicine...many plant substances are powerful
medicines that are safe and effective.  Where single chemically
derived drugs may address only a single problem, herbal
medicine can address a variety of problems simultaneously.  
Their organic nature makes most botanicals compatible with
the body's own chemistry; hence, they can be gently effective
with few toxic side effects

Homeopathy...a powerful system of medicine that is more
than 200 years old; uses highly diluted substances to cure
illness according to the principle "like cures like."  Homeopathic
medicines are able to promote deep healing on a physical and
mental/emotional level.

Clinical Nutrition...a cornerstone of naturopathic medicine,
the therapeutic use of food and nutritional supplements to
maintain health and treat illness

Physical Medicine...includes naturopathic manipulation of the
muscles and spine, hydrotherapy, and a number of massage
and bodywork techniques.

Natural licensed states, N.D.'s may
prescribe pharmaceuticals of natural origin such as natural
hormones and certain antibiotics.

Office Visits :
Hours are by appointment:  (518) 369-7080 or contact via

Initial Visit:  1 1/2 to 2 hours: $175.00

Subsequent Visits:  45 minutes-1 hour: $85.00

Bodywork:  One hour:  $75.00

Unfortunately, most insurance companies in New York do
not cover Naturopathic medical care, although some have in
the past.  Inquire with your insurance carrier regarding
coverage.  A service summary will be provided for insurance
Scope of Practice